Why Not Us: Southern Dance is officially on ESPN+! This third season of the Why Not Us series from Andscape, Why Not Us: Southern Dance premiered its first episode on the streaming platform last week.

The Why Not Us series highlights the ethos of being a student and student-athlete at an HBCU. The series spotlights the importance of these remarkable schools and who have done more with less.

Featuring a group of 25 dancers, Why Not Us: Southern Dance follows as they navigate rigorous auditions in hopes of joining the Fabulous Dancing Dolls of Southern University. With a limited number of slots available, the pressure is on to make the historic dance line.

For over 50 years, the Dolls have set the standard for collegiate dance lines nationwide. Powered by the booming sounds of the school’s marching band, the Human Jukebox, the Dancing Dolls push the envelope with every performance, creating unique choreography stemming from their diverse dance backgrounds. Beyond the field, the Dolls are role models in their communities and represent what it means to be strong Black women, pushing the culture with their talent and artistry.

Why Not Us: Southern Dance will debut new episodes Thursdays on ESPN+ with episode 2 of this season coming out Thursday, August 18.

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