NBC’s World of Dance introduced six new acts to the competition last night. Just like last week, these dancers were putting everything they had on stage to score an average of 80 or more points to qualify for the next round. Each of these acts was more dynamic, exciting, and driven than the last. At this point, it’s going to be hard to know who to root for in The Duels. This week, Team and Upper division dancers took center stage in the second episode of The Qualifiers.

The Junior Team Division

First to take the stage last night were some familiar faces. Returning from the groundbreaking debut in Season 1, The Lab is a group of incredible young dancers from California. This season, they are in it to win it with more attitude, strength, and skill than ever. Their progress brought all of the judges to their feet and earned them an average score of 94 that will take them on to The Duels.

The next Junior Team and the last team to take the stage during the evening was an all-girl urban dance group from Fukushima, Japan called Fabulous Sisters. Their performance had a level of drama worthy of major stages and productions around the world. Watching it was hard to imagine that we were watching a competitive piece and not a major theatrical performance. If these talented girls had not been pushed through to The Duels, we would have been beyond surprised. An average score of 94.7 secured their spot in the next round.

The Upper Division

We love seeing amazing couples that love each other as much as they do dance (flashback to Keone and Mari last season). The first Upper division competitors to  Pasha and Daniella took the stage to shake up ballroom dancing. These two dropped the glitter and hairspray in favor of an incredible ballroom routine in (believe it or not) blue jeans for a more natural looking performance. Ne-Yo wasn’t as wowed by their casual ballroom, but J Lo and Derek were all about their chemistry. After much debate about the various aspects of the performance, the judges awarded Pasha and Daniella an average score of 86.3 that sends them on to the next rounds.

The next Upper division act to take the stage wasn’t a couple, but the convinced everyone otherwise! A romantic and graceful contemporary performance that took up the entire stage and everyone’s attention defined the skill and partnership of Charity and Andres. These two dancers from Utah have incredible fluidity and chemistry that you’d have to see and believe. Between synchronicity and talent, these two had the judges convinced they were using magic. An average score of 95.3 sent them on to The Duels.

More familiar faces appeared to round up the Upper division this episode, but they weren’t from NBC’s World of Dance. Do you remember Konkrete from Season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance? Now he’s paired up with BDash in a hip hop duo for this season of World of Dance. The judges were impressed by this krumping combination’s fluidity and hat tricks. Contemporary choreography sent Konkrete home on SYTYCD, but here, he is fully supported by his hip hop moves. With an average score of 94.3 he and BDash are yet another amazing act for us to cheer for in The Duels.

The Upper Team Division

Only one Upper division team took the stage last night, but their presence was enough to represent the entire division for the night. “That’s what I’m talking about!” J Lo said after watching Connection’s incredible Latino hip hop performance. This Upper Team’s dynamic and suave performance impressed all three judges into giving them an average score of 90.7. These hip hoppers will be moving on to The Duels.

Two more episodes of The Qualifiers remain, and we have yet to see an act that disappoints! This season is shaping up to be unlike anything we could have expected (and there’s still more to come)!

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