In case you missed it Charlize Glass is an incredible member of Showstopper’s Sparkle Society and an even more incredible dancer! Charlize is known for her incredible #OOTDS and her part in America’s Best Dance Crew, but this week, we’re watching her bust a move to “…Ready for It?” by Taylor Swift.

Choreographed by Brian Friedman, the dance is spectacular which is exactly what you’d expect clicking anything with Friedman’s name on it. Friedman’s YouTube channel alone will show you that he has a keen eye for movement and rhythm, but if you needed any further proof, he has worked with some pretty amazing people! On his resume are favorites like  Beyoncé, Rihanna, and even Michael Jackson. Clearly, he has a knack for pop music which shows in this video as well.

Whenever we see a video featuring choreography to a Taylor Swift song, we know it is going to be amazing, but when we see three amazing names like Taylor Swift, Charlize Glass, and Brian Friedman all in the same place, we know it is going to be spectacular!