Former Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt is quickly approaching the release of a new album titled Sing to Me Instead. But for now, the triple-threat performer has been dropping singles from the album and their accompanying music videos. One of the latest is a song called “Grow as We Go”. Not only does the track feature all of the best of Platt’s ability to sing something soft that is guaranteed to make you cry, but the music video is also one of the best we’ve seen so far this year.

Featuring dancers Rudy Abreu and Effie Tutk, the music video uses a little bit of movie magic to explore a powerful and tear-jerking back and forth between the two dancers, but as you watch them you can see that this song is made to be performed and that the emotional impact of it is incredible.

Grab your choreography notebooks! It’s time to start picking moves for that competition piece that makes everyone watching at least a little teary.

The full album is available for pre-order now and is expected to release March 29, 2019. But, for now, the first four singles and their accompanying music videos(!!!) are already available.

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