Get ready! Your morning routine is about to get a lot more productive and exciting. Chances are you have at least one of these elements in your morning routine (if not, you’ve come to the right place!), but your morning routine will thank you if you work toward incorporating all three at the beginning of your day. Grab your goals and aspirations and all of your favorite songs. This might just make you a morning person.

A Motivator

Getting up in the morning, especially if you’re trying to adjust your schedule to get up earlier, can be difficult. You could get up, but then again, your bed is really comfortable and warm and… Don’t get sucked into that sleepy trance! Instead, before you go to bed at night, know what you want to do in the morning when you wake up.

You might be trying to get in more exercise time, spend more time with your dog, study, or even have time to make breakfast. Whatever you want to do in the morning, know what your motivator is before you go to sleep, so you’re ready to jump out of bed and get to it the next morning.

A Goal

When you wake up, do you just jump into your routine? Or are you more likely to go with the flow until later in the day when you set down some more concrete to-dos? Setting one solid goal for the day as soon as you wake up is important for setting yourself up for a successful day.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is “small” (like making sure you put away your laundry) or “big” (like deciding to majorly reorganize your whole room). All that matters is that you know what you want to accomplish and make that goal your priority for the day.

A Wake-Up Jam

The day hasn’t really started until you’ve done some dancing! Make sure you have a song that makes you happy and excited to listen to in the morning (or even a whole playlist). Whether you dance while you’re brushing your teeth or all the way from waking up to breakfast, get a little groove in before you start your day.