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Winter is a beautiful season, but it can be a hard one to enjoy. This is especially true if you aren’t a fan of snow, cold winds, or icy temperatures. Whether or not you are a fan of cold weather, it is important not to let the season control your positivity! Sometimes enjoying the weather is as simple as looking for positivity inside yourself.

Choose Not to Complain

While this might sound silly, complaining is an impulsive activity. If you were to look at a list of every complaint you made on a particular day, chances are most of them were just things said in exaggeration and the things you complained about probably didn’t bother you as much as you said they did. There’s nothing wrong with that, but complaining whether you mean it to or not adds negativity to any situation. So when the winter season starts dragging you down, don’t complain. You’ll only be adding fuel to the fire (or ice to the freezer). The more you think negatively about a situation, the more negative it becomes.

Think Warm Thoughts

One of the things people are the most negative about in winter is the cold. This negativity can make it easy to hate the season, but hating winter will go beyond complaining about the cold faster than you would think. The winter lasts months and carrying around negativity about the temperature will make those months less cheerful and less motivated, so thinking warm thoughts is the best way to make the most of it! You don’t have to think of warm things necessarily, but do think about the parts of the season that make you happy. Instead of “It’s so cold I can’t feel my toes.” think “Look how beautiful the snow is!”

Look Inward not Outward

Instead of reacting to what is happening outside of you (for instance, the weather), react to what is happening inside. It might be cold outside, but you could celebrate yourself instead of getting upset about the temperature. You cannot change what is happening outside of you, so generating negativity about it is only going to create a worse environment. If you aren’t a fan of the icy breeze on your walk to the studio, celebrate your talents as a dancer and your future achievements in the studio instead of thinking about how cold you are in your leotard!

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