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Getting productive is important no matter what you do. Being able to finish the things you want to do efficiently and quickly is essential for accomplishing goals, being successful, and so much more. The start of the week is the perfect time to get productive, but applying these easy productivity boosters to your life will help jumpstart your productivity no matter when you do them.


Being stagnant and repetitive is one thing that causes a major slump in productivity. When you’re bored and you don’t want to do anything or you have a task that you’ve done a million times that you just can’t bring yourself to do, your brain isn’t challenged, so you grumble and eventually set those tasks aside. To keep this from happening you have to get yourself moving.

Moving doesn’t have to be physical, though physical exercise routines do help get your brain working and increase your productivity. You can also move around your schedule. Do something different one day a week. If you normally read during lunch, one day, take a walk instead. Or, next time you start to feel your productivity waning, step away from what you’re doing to do something else for 10 minutes. Movement and variance in your schedule keep your mind and body engaged in what you are doing and help you stay motivated and productive.

Declutter (Your Way)

Creating a productive routine requires also having a productive space. If you need to study, but you can’t find your notebooks, you’re going to be frustrated. If you are going to dance class, but you can’t find your tap shoes, you’ll have a hard time practicing.

So, it’s time to get organized.

But, you don’t have to organize any specific way. Even if you like the organization inspiration you see on Instagram and Pinterest, it might not be for you. We all have methods of organization that work best for us. The easiest place to start is deciding if you want to “display” or “put away” your things. Displaying your stuff means you will always be able to see it when it is in its specific place. Putting it away means it has a specific place that is hidden away like a drawer or a storage box. Whichever one you choose, make sure that the things you need are neat and organized in a way that makes it easy for you to work with them.

Plan (What You Can)

Planning and productivity go hand in hand. Grab a notebook, a journal, a planner, or whatever works best for you and find a system that helps you keep track of things. This should make you feel more at ease because you know what to expect and get ready for. However, over-planning can actually slow you down more than not planning at all. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by trying to plan every little thing. Plan what you can. Make notes of the things you need to keep in mind and plan them when you have all of the details you need to do so effectively.

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