When we set goals, it can be easy to write a bucket list of things that we want to accomplish in our lifetime. However, this can be counterproductive because having too many goals can leave you swamped with the stress of whether or not you can accomplish them.


It is important when creating goals to work at setting actual goals. Putting things that you want in life down on a page is simple, but creating real goals that can be worked at and accomplished is a bit more difficult.


Here are some key details to consider when creating goals:

  1. Be Specific – Don’t be vague when it comes to your goals. Instead of “save money” say “save X amount of money,” instead of “run more” say “run one mile every morning.” Being specific makes your goals easier to visualize, easier to track and easier to accomplish.
  2. Make them Measurable – one of the most stressful parts of working on goals is wondering whether or not you are making progress. If your goal is to run a mile every day, you can track how many days you’ve run that mile and how many days you’ve skipped your morning run. Being able to see your progress as you work toward your goal is encouraging. Look at your progress and see how close you are to success!
  3. Be Realistic – Something that we do a lot is set goals that are too high for us to reach. We often do this with the best intentions, trying to better ourselves greatly all at once, but if you set unrealistic goals, it is impossible to improve at all. It is better to improve a little at a time than to try to improve too much and fall short. When setting a goal, ask yourself, “Can this be done?” “Can I make this a reality in my life?”
  4. Set a Timeframe – Don’t leave your goals open-ended. Having a timeframe can help push you to work toward your goal every day, and it can further help to make your goal more specific. For instance, a timeframe can change “save X amount of money” to “save X amount of money in six months.” When setting goals, set a deadline for yourself and get started!


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