Class Schedule Lock Screen

When you head back to school, keeping track of your new classes, the teachers’ names,  and the classroom numbers can be frustrating. Take a picture of your class schedule (or a screenshot if you receive them digitally) and set it as your lock screen! Now, your schedule is only a click away and you won’t have to dig through your binder looking for your paper copy! If you have a big school, you can also set your phone wallpaper as a map of your school to help you navigate between buildings!

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Backpack

An emergency can be anything in school, so it is best to be prepared for everything! Put a small bag in your backpack with essentials like deodorant, hair ties, band-aids, chapstick and anything else you might need for your everyday emergencies.

Do Not Disturb ? Studying

When Snapchat and Instagram are constantly sending your phone into a frenzy of notifications, it can be hard to focus on your homework. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb so you can get some work done! Your followers will be there waiting when you’re done.

Make a Due Date Tracker

via Tumblr / journalsanctuary

We have all experienced that moment of panic when you realize that you aren’t quite sure when that big assignment is due (but you’re pretty sure it is due like right now). To keep up with your workload, start off the year by writing down the due dates for major assignments in an assignment tracker. This one by Journal Sanctuary is great because it helps you organize assignments by class and even has space for you to record the percentage of your grade each assignment accounts for!

Never Forget Another Lesson

You’re taking notes in class and paying careful attention to everything your teacher says, but the information is not sticking! An easy way to remember important things from your lessons and readings without spending hours studying is to sit down with the notes you have already taken and rewrite them. Writing things down has been proven to help you remember things. So if you are having trouble, why not write it twice?

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