1. They are Hard Working

Ballet dancers work twelve hours or more a day (even on weekends!) to learn movements and practice their technique. There is never a dull moment and never a moment wasted! They have a lot to do to get ready for each amazing performance they are apart of. From costume fittings to rehearsals, their schedules are always full.

2. They are Passionate

To be a ballet dancer, especially a professional one, you have to be dedicated to dance. The only way to succeed in a career in the arts is to love what you do. Ballet dancers put everything they have into their art, and it shows!

3. They are Strong

You have to be strong if you want to pull off the leaps and turns that professional ballet dancers do! Pointe requires dancers to be on their toes for hours practicing. From the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, ballet dancers are strong, and they are always working to be stronger.

4. They are Perfectionists

There are no almost’s or nearly’s in ballet! A tiny slip up could throw an entire performance off or cause unnecessary injury (not to mention it would look bad). Because of this, ballet dancers practice, practice, practice, to get every single step just right.

5.They Work Together

A production is not one person. Ballet dancers have to work together on their individual techniques and as partners to turn every performance into a masterpiece. Dancing might be just you and your body, but it is also the way you interact with others to create art.