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Dancers, it’s time to go back to school. But that doesn’t mean you have to pack your backpack like everyone else. In fact, you probably don’t pack your backpack like everyone else. Even when you’re getting ready for school, you’re still preparing for all of those #dancerprobs that happen every day. With that in mind, don’t forget these dancer essentials. They’re school essentials too.


Made by Top Knot Favors on Etsy, $2.95

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the studio or on your way to gym class. A dancer doesn’t go anywhere without a scrunchie. Throw in a couple of velvet ones for an extra fashionable look.

Bobby Pins

A hair out of place? Never! School might be just one more place for you to lose all of your bobby pins, but at least you’ll be prepared for anything.

The Perfect Pencil Case

You can’t highlight your way to success if you don’t have somewhere to store all of your note-taking supplies (and those pesky bobby pins!). Tie-dye, plush, covered in ribbons, make sure your pencil cases represents your signature style.

A Planner


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You need somewhere to write down all of those to-dos! From your dance schedule to homework dates and sleepover plans with your BFFs, this planner is going to be full in no time.

Stain Sticks

Dancers are ready for pretty much anything. That includes long days with trips to multiple places. If you get a stain on your shirt, you don’t want to still be rocking that new unfortunate accessory when you get to the studio in the evening! Keep a stain stick in your bag, so you’re always fresh and ready to go.


Speaking of prepared for anything. You know that you can get bumped, bruised, and more doing pretty much anything. Keep bandaids in your bag ready for pirouettes and papercuts alike.

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