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Being a part of a dance team takes a lot of investment. That includes studio time and covering costs from costumes to travel to competition entry fees. With big expenses, it’s great to have a team supporting each other’s ability to participate. Fundraising is a great way to help cover costs for everyone and work together outside of the studio.

Bake Sale

This one is a classic that never fails. Who doesn’t love a yummy treat? Have each member from your team bake one or two things. It’s so fun to borrow one teammate’s kitchen and have a massive baking day! Based on how much you make and your fundraising goals, set prices for all your delicious goods and find a place to sell them! Some good locations include the parking lot of your building, local sporting events, or inside your sports complex. 

Garage Sale/Auction

A garage sale is such an easy fundraising opportunity that benefits everybody involved. We all have things we don’t use anymore that could go to a better home! Teammates and their family members go through their belongings to see if they have things that could be better loved elsewhere, then set up a yard sale. This one is a very flexible option as you can sell anything from decor to old costumes and you can set flexible prices. This is perfect for spring cleaning days!

Pie the Coach

If you’re looking for a fundraiser that has an emphasis on FUN, this activity never fails to raise money. All you need is pie tins, shaving cream or whipped cream, and your coaches. For extra entertainment get parents, siblings, and even teammates to volunteer to get pied. $5 per pie is a great price. This activity gets a bit messy though, so make sure that you prepare your space and leave time to clean up after.


Walkathons are perfect for pretty much any age range. Pick a time and location, and you’re most of the way there! Check the weather and pick an area that is safe, walkable, and ideally beautiful. You could include some merchandise in your walkathon alongside entry fees to raise extra money also such as t-shirts, water bottles, bracelets, and bags. 

Car Wash

Car washes are a classic fundraiser that never goes out of style. This is a great way to get support from parents, family, and neighbors. They are always willing to get their cars cleaned to support a good cause. Set up in a driveway or private parking lot, and make fun signs to advertise. You could even include a BOGO half-off deal if people bring two cars.  


If all else fails, promote your team and ask people for support directly! This isn’t an event or project like some other options, but it is still possible to raise money with crowdfunding. You can do this locally, and ask people in your area for support or set up a crowdfund online and share it across your social media.

Giveaways and Raffles

What do you and your teammates have to offer? Services, dance classes, and prizes like snack baskets and dance essentials are great prizes for a giveaway or raffle. Sell tickets to people in your area and plan an event around the final drawing.

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