Annabel Gutherz has been slowly introducing us to her current project, a concept album with “an out-of-this-world theme.” With two singles out for the album already—”Retrograde” and “Interstellar”—Annabel has established her love of space imagery and, with the “Retrograde” visualizer, some of the album’s aesthetics. This week, Annabel showed us a new side of her space with the music video for “Interstellar.”

Surrounded by twinkling lights and color-changing lightbulbs, Annabel brings the breakup that is the center of “Interstellar” to life with vocals and spectacular imagery as she sparkles in a shimmering gold sequin gown. The movement between the highs and lows of the relationship Annabel describes is highlighted with different colored lights as well as constellations, galaxies, and even a solar eclipse.

Annabel shared that she “loved every aspect of the process” of creating the “Interstellar” video. Her first full-scope music video, Annabel called interpreting the song this way an experience she will cherish. “From the conceptualization of the video, which I did alongside Dany Foster, the director, and Sean Dubé, the producer, to the actualization of the video, I had a blast! One of the most magical moments for me was arriving at the studio on the day of the shoot—meeting the crew and seeing the set for the first time—it was a dream come true!” 

Unlike her surreal and spacey visualizers for “Retrograde,” “Interstellar” feels less like an experience and more like watching someone adrift. Annabel sings about being a star left out of her former partner’s constellation, and you can see that in the video. “We wanted the video to feel anchored in reality yet galactic to best depict the lyrical throughline and melodic sentiments, a challenging dichotomy that Dany and Sean managed to capture with ease,” she explained.

You might think creating a trip through the stars is simple, but Annabel told us that one of the biggest challenges was committing to a “concept that embodied the essence of the song and felt dynamic yet still grounded and intimate.” She credits her collaboration with Dany and Sean for finding the perfect combination of all their ideas.

When we talked to Annabel about “Interstellar” when it was released in November, she called the single a “defining song” on her concept album. She said, “I think this music video helps depict and capture the soundscape and emotionality established in the song, which forecasts the sound of my forthcoming EP. I’m so excited to continue exploring the intersection between visual media and music moving forward!”

Watch the “Interstellar” music video below.

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