“My next body of work is a concept album that has an out-of-this-world theme,” Annabel Gutherz shared with Showstopper Magazine Online. From her recent single “Retrograde” to her newest release “Interstellar,” Annabel says the songs on her forthcoming EP “each draw from that galactic semantic space.” “Interstellar” is out now, a fall single that maps relationships in constellations.

Why space? “I chose this theme because I want to herald the emotions that ground us like the force of gravity, propel us to new heights, and compel us to discover realms unknown,” Annabel said of the concepts driving this project. “Interstellar” specifically comes from that post-breakup liminal space. It was this kind of “emotional turbulence” that made Annabel want to capture conflicting emotions with a little help from the stars. “Star and space imagery felt like the perfect match for my message because when in a relationship, we can feel like a star in our partner’s constellation—special, seen, and cherished. If the relationship ends, we can feel lost amongst a sea of wandering stars…interstellar if you will!”

The breakup is the heart of “Interstellar,” but the space-themed lyrics make it uniquely Annabel. She told us that the “Interstellar” metaphor gave her the words she needed to “communicate the song’s message,” specifically in the chorus.

You made me a star in your constellation

Left me with goodbye, no explanation

Guess I was wrong to think we would be forever

Now I’m lost somewhere interstellar 

Much like the astrological leanings of Annabel’s summer track “Retrograde” which allowed her to send a message about pushing forward and staying motion, “Interstellar” uses stars not just for bold imagery, but to take our vocabulary for lost relationships to new heights. To be interstellar is to feel disconnected despite being whole, lost but on a new journey.

Along with space, a theme of this project is incredible instrumentation. Leaning into classic sounding, full instrumentals, there is a depth to “Interstellar” that you can get lost in. Annabel said her inspiration for this comes from her love for musical theater which eventually led her to music and performance. “I always appreciated the classic, full-bodied instrumentation of those show tunes, which I felt well-embodied the dimensionality and scope of human emotions. I have always been drawn to that dramatic composition, which has influenced my sound.”

She’s only just getting started. Annabel calls this second release “a defining song for my EP as it helped me clarify my sonic vision and embrace an operatic soundscape. I love big, exaggerated musical arrangements that punctuate emotional extremes because I feel that honors the human experience, and I was really adamant to do that with ‘Interstellar’ and the rest of the songs on the EP.”

“Interstellar” is available now on all major music streaming platforms.

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