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22-year-old ROSIE is a singer-songwriter from New York, but chasing her dreams is about more than the music. “My purpose as an artist is to spread mental health awareness through music,” ROSIE says of her “emotional pop that will make you wanna cry and dance at the same time.” As an artist, ROSIE has connected with her fans through cathartic breakup songs and explorations of mental health from days you just can’t get out of bed to expressions of self-love.  

ROSIE’s latest song is more of the latter. “Good For Me” comes out today while ROSIE is on tour with Jake Scott. Her latest release since her 2021 EP 20mg of Happiness, “Good For Me” is a single that ROSIE calls “a shift in perspective.” The sound is the same, but this song is an introduction to “more positive energy” than her debut project. “You’re gonna hear me really working on loving myself, standing up for myself, and treating myself with kindness and compassion.”

And you can hear it. “Good For You” isn’t sugar-coated pop by any means, but there is a noticeable hopefulness as ROSIE sings about a relationship that she’s happy in and holding on to things (and people) that are good for her. There is a vulnerability in the track as ROSIE wonders “What if you’re too good for me?” that is complimented by the optimism in “You’re everything I never knew I wanted.”

What if this time I don’t leave?

What if this time I just let you be good for me?

ROSIE shared that her favorite line on the song is “One day, I’ll wake up, see that I’m enough.” She calls these lyrics “so simple” in the way that they capture the message of the whole song. “I am just trying to find myself and learn to love myself unconditionally.”

Ragan Henderson

“Good For Me” is out now, but the audiences on Jake Scott’s Lavender Tour have been hearing it live already. Indianapolis will get to hear it live for the first time after its release, though. ROSIE is understandably excited to share this moment with a live audience. ” I’m excited to say on Friday night, ‘This is the first time I’m playing ‘Good For Me’ as my latest RELEASED single!’ — that’s going to feel great to say!”

ROSIE’s Tour Essentials
Hydro Flask
LOTS of Tea
A Big Oversized Sweater
A Fluffy Blanket (of course)

The tour continues through November 20, so fans that want to hear ROSIE’s new song straight from the mic can catch her live at six more stops. ROSIE shared she is especially pumped for the Salt Lake City stop on November 18. “Utah audiences have some of the best energy I’ve ever experienced, and I’m so excited to play there…”

Overall, ROSIE shared she is excited to see “Good For Me” out in the world. “I am most excited to let go of this song and give it to everyone to hear. Creating ‘Good For Me’ was such a profound and emotional experience for me, I’m excited to no longer keep it to myself.”

Final thoughts from ROSIE on where she’s headed: “All I can say is, I am constantly changing and evolving and I look forward to doing it with anyone who wants to join me on this crazy musical journey of mine.”

“Good For Me” is out now on all major music platforms. You can catch ROSIE on the Lavender Tour with Jake Scott through November 20.

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