New York Public Theater

Friday, February 02, 2018
9:30 am – 5:30 pm (EST)


Actors’ Equity New York Audition Center
165 W 46th St
16th Fl
New York, NY 10036

  • Strong command of classical text.
  • Committed to working as an ensemble.
  • Prepare one short (no more than two minutes in length) Shakespeare monologue.
  • Bring picture and resume
  • OTHELLO: African American, African, Caribbean, or Afro-Latino. 30’s-40’s. A role for an actor with enormous range, with access to humor, romance, rage and sadness.
  • IAGO: Any Ethnicity. 40’s-50’s. Othello’s ensign.This man is physically solid. A virtuoso role for an actor of enormous range, edge, humor, and with complete command of classical text- prose and verse.
  • CASSIO: Any Ethnicity. Late 20’s. Othello’s Lieutenant.  A role for a young leading man.
  • DUKE OF VENICE: Any Ethnicity. 60’s. A noble Venetian. It must be clear from the way he speaks and how he carries himself that he is the Venetian State.
  • BRABANTIO: Caucasian. 50’s. Desdemona’s father. A Senator. A role for an actor adept at balancing intense emotion and dignity.
  • RODERIGO- Any Ethnicity. Late 20’s. Desdemona’s rejected suitor.
  • DESDEMONA: Caucasian. Late 20’s. Youthful. Loving. Flirtatious. Sympathetic. Kind.
  • EMILIA: Any Ethnicity. Late 30’s -40’s. Iago’s wife. A role for an actress who understands irony but also possesses strong dramatic skills.
  • BIANCA: Any Ethnicity. 30’s. Cassio’s mistress.
  • ENSEMBLE MEN: To play the following characters who are 30-50, any ethnicity: MONTANO (Governor of Cyprus), LODOVICO and GRATIANO (Two noble Venetian), SENATORS (of Venice), GENTLEMEN (of Cyprus). All smaller speaking roles. Some may double. These roles, which help to establish the world of the play and the class lines of its characters, call for actors who translate authority by the way they carry themselves on stage and who have a strong command of classical text. NOTE: These roles will likely also understudy some of the previously listed parts.