If you’re a singer with a unique, vibrant voice and a vibrato tone perfect for jazz and rock vibes, it might be time for a trip to Hadestown. The production is seeking performers for principal roles in the Broadway musical.


Thursday, March 19, 2020
10:00 am – 6:00 pm (EST)


Pearl Studios NYC (500)
500 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018-6504
12th floor. Check lobby upon arrival for any changes.


  • Seeking actors with unique, vibrant singing skills. Certain roles will also require strong instrumental abilities, not looking for conventional “music-theatre style”/vibrato singers.
  • Singers capable of pure tones and/or vibrato that feels informed by jazz/rock/gospel.
  • Prepare a short selection (under two minutes) of a NON-MUSICAL THEATER song (folk, rock, jazz, gospel, etc).
  • Bring music for an accompanist as well as their book of music.
  • Bring a picture and resume, stapled together.


  • ORPHEUS: High Tenor with falsetto up to G#5. (A2 – F5). 20s to 30s, male, any ethnicity. Orpheus is an optimist, an idealist, a counter-culturalist. There should be something special about his pipes. Not a conventionally handsome leading man, Orpheus should feel unique and have the sensitive soul of an artist. MUST PLAY GUITAR. An offer is out for this role.
  • HADES: Bass. G1 – Eb4 (will consider G2 – Eb4). 40s-60s, male, any ethnicity. Lord of the Dead. Powerful, immortal and deeply in love with Persephone. Needs to have a major seductive power and strong authoritative presence. Tyrannical and a bit menacing. An offer is out for this role.
  • PERSEPHONE: Alto/Mezzo. (E3 – C5). 40s to 60s, female, any ethnicity. Goddess, playful, mercurial, fun and sexy. Persephone is not too feminine and lets her sharp edges show. She is the seasons and is cut from the same cloth as Orpheus. She must have a wryness and intelligence that she uses sharply for both
    entertainment and as a defense mechanism. An offer is out for this role.
  • HERMES: Tenor/baritone. (D3 – B4). 30s-80s, male, any ethnicity. Hermes is the narrator/guide/emcee of the story. Charismatic, often mysterious, with a trickster-ish quality. An offer is out for this role.
  • EURYDICE: Alto/Soprano. (E3 – E5). 20s to early 30s, female, any ethnicity. A practical leading heroine with an extremely vulnerable underbelly, a haunted bird. She takes the leap to the underworld as a step towards something reliable. There is both toughness and delicacy in her being and her singing; she uses a belt for some songs, real subtlety for others. An offer is out for this role.
  • THE THREE FATES: Powerful and dark. Operate as one of the “voices in the heads” of the other characters. All of the Fates MUST play an instrument of some kind and be skilled with harmonies. Essential for all Fates to be good movers.
    • FATE 1: Soprano. (F#3 – E5). Any age, female-identifying, any ethnicity.
    • FATE 2: Alto/Mezzo/ Soprano. (G3 – E5). Any age, female-identifying, any ethnicity.
    • FATE 3: Low alto. (F3 – C5). Any age, female-identifying, any ethnicity
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