Christy Lyn is a Sparkle Society member, a dancer, a choreographer, and even a clothing designer! Multi-talented and energetic, she gives everything she has to her passions. One of those passions is her gorgeous dancewear line, Royal Couture. Lucky for us, Christy gave us an inside look at Royal Couture, how it got started, and where she gets her inspiration.

Creative at Heart

Whether she is dancing or designing clothes, Christy just loves to create things. She used to draw designs for dance costumes and gather inspiration from trips to Los Angeles with her mom. Whenever she saw something that gave her an idea for a new costume or leotard, she would sketch all of her new designs as soon as she could. These sketches turned into bulletin boards of inspiration photos and sketches. But, little did Christy know that one day her sketches would become real dancewear! In high school, Christy began creating custom costumes and dancewear for her studio.

“The fabrics inspired me.”

When she was 13, Christy got to see her work come to life on stages for the first time at Showstopper dance competitions and other places where her studio performed. She says it “was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my life!”

A Royal Beginning

Now, Christy Lyn is 19, and she has designed over 100 costumes for dancers. These costumes aren’t just for her studio or herself anymore, though. After getting the amazing opportunity to be a costume designer, choreographer, and dancer for Classical Dance Academy’s ensemble performance in the Youth America Grand Prix at Lincoln Center in New York City, Christy knew that she needed to take her work to the next level.

She began to design leotards that weren’t only perfect for dancing, but also fashionable and comfortable as everyday wear. She experimented with different back designs and velvet fabric. She tested herself by wearing them to school and out in public. She even took the dancewear to conventions, summer intensives, and LA Fashion Week! When people began to notice her designs and ask where she got them, Christy knew it was time to find a way to share her dancewear with everyone.

“Everywhere I went, people would notice the crushed velvet right away and constantly compliment my leotards! I never thought that much of it until people began to ask me where to buy them, and I would answer that I designed them myself! And that is how Royal Couture started!”

Dreams Come True

Always a dancer first, Christy’s leotards mean so much more to her than a simple fashion statement. They are a way for her to carry her passion for dance out into the world and wear it wherever she goes. With her keen eye for design and her own personal style, Christy has been able to create a lasting style of comfortable dancewear that isn’t quite like anything else out there.

Royal Couture dancewear allows dancers to move seamlessly from the studio to the street. Every look is as fashionable in a dance setting as out of fit. That one amazing feature alone makes Christy a superstar fashion designer! We can’t get enough of dance fashion, and Royal Couture gives dance fashion an all new meaning.

“Every time I see a dancer in Royal Couture I pinch myself because I feel like I’m dreaming! I am truly so thankful that I get to share my art with the world and the dance world through my fashion designs!”
If you are ever looking for an inspiring role model, look to Christy Lyn. A perfect example of how far you can go if you believe in yourself and chase your dreams, Christy is an enthusiastic and encouraging part of the dance world and the Showstopper family! To find out more about Royal Couture and Christy’s fabulous designs – and to get some for yourself – check out her dancewear line at or check it out on Instagram @RoyalCoutureXO!
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