With almost a month of 2019 under our belts, many of us are starting to struggle with all of those promises we made to ourselves at midnight on January first. Don’t worry! It happens to everyone. Maybe you realized that you wanted to do something different or maybe they weren’t structured well enough to keep you motivated. Regardless, it’s not too late to refresh and get back on track!

List Your Resolutions

Let’s start by looking at your resolutions as they are. What did you set out to do? Once you have them in front of your list what you have and haven’t accomplished. Then ask yourself what is holding you back.

If “It’s too hard…”

If you’re looking at your resolutions and thinking that they’re too hard to complete, that is most likely because you can’t visualize completing them. This could mean that they are too vague, too ambitious, or too far outside of what you actually want to do. Why did you make these “too hard” resolutions? If you can’t think of a convincing reason, you might want to move on and focus on others, or pick them apart further to get at what you’re really hoping to get out of them.

If “I don’t know what I have to do…”

Not knowing what to do to accomplish a goal is completely valid! This just means you need to sit down and start planning. The best goals are ones that are trackable and manageable. Your New Year’s resolutions should not look like a brick wall in front of you. Break these unplanned resolutions down into steps, and they’ll start to look a lot more manageable.

If “Everyone else is doing better with them…”

Are you doing your resolutions for yourself or someone else? If your answer is someone else or because it’s a trend, you don’t need to be chasing those goals. You should only be trying to accomplish things that help you be the person you want to be. You’ll never be able to accomplish things the way other people do if you don’t want to.

Once you’ve broken down your resolutions, cleaned out the clutter, and worked out more precise plans for those precious ones you still really want to complete, you’re ready to go! Jump into the rest of the year with a new excitement for the things you are about to do and experience. You’ve got this!

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