This week on The Glitter Drop we’re talking about ice dancing (our favorite Olympic sport), The Lip Bar’s breathtaking new collaboration with Target, and our fabulous new trucks. Stay tuned to the end for highlights from Anaheim!

Your Favorite Songs on Ice

We are currently in the middle of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Of course, an event with a 94-year tradition is exciting all by itself, but this year the Winter Olympics, specifically figure skating, is more thrilling than ever. We are able to watch the world’s top figure skaters and dancers, and now they can skate to music with lyrics as well as instrumental pieces. The International Skating Union updated its rules this year allowing figure skaters to perform to music with lyrics! This might not seem like a big deal, but figure skaters have been dancing to classical and otherwise instrumental pieces since figure skating became an Olympic sport. Ice dancers, however, have been performing to songs with lyrics since the late ’90s. Basically, every facet of figure skating is now a million times more thrilling to watch because you can cheer for amazing turns and leaps while belting the lyrics to songs by Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran.(Read the full story here!)

The Lip Bar, Now at Target

The Lip Bar is a fabulous beauty brand that quickly rose to fame as a black-owned vegan makeup brand whose focus is to give consumers amazing makeup minus the chemicals. Unfortunately, these must-have lipsticks can only be bought online or at The Lip Bar in Detroit, Michigan – until now. Beginning in May The Lip Bar’s lipsticks are moving into 100 Target locations giving us all more access to their bright and beautiful shades. In celebration of the partnership, The Lip Bar is also releasing two exclusive new products! (Read the full story here!)


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