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This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 8 went back in time for a decades of dance episode. Sorted into new pairs, the dancers took on styles from the 1950s through the 90s while traveling back in time to their own dance memories. This week also marked the return of the classic SYTYCD solo moments.

Beau and Ralyn

Beau and Ralyn worked with choreographer Jonathan Redavid for a 50s jazz routine about a man returning from war to be reunited with his love. Was it just us, or did you see Ralyn fly over Beau’s head? JoJo shared that she saw them losing stamina at the end of the routine. tWitch and Leah also advised them to really bring it at this point of the competition.

Essence and Keaton

Time traveling back to the 70s, Essence and Keaton were all about the disco. Choreographed by Doriana Sanchez, this duo was off to Boogie Wonderland. “Disco is not easy to do, and both of y’all showed up,” tWitch told them. We’re still dizzy from watching the tricks in this performance, but JoJo was disappointed to see so many small technical mistakes in their routine.

Anna and Waverly

Learning a 1980s routine over Zoom with Sean Cheesman, this duo had a big challenge this week. Leah wanted to see more 80s moves in Anna and Waverly’s routine. JoJo and tWitch loved the energy but were missing the energy and timing that would have made the routine pop.

Alexis and Carter

Rounding out the evening with a 90s, Carter and Alexis channeled sitcom vibes with Robert Roldan. This wasn’t a campy routine, though. In fact, Carter and Alexis might have brought the best routine of the night with their emotional 90s romance. “Alexis, it is not a coincidence that you have been in two of the best dances I have seen in my life,” JoJo said also complimenting how well Carter matched Alexis’ energy.

The Bottom Four

The four dancers in danger this week were Waverly, Ralyn, Anna, and Beau. tWitch shared that the judges were not unanimous in their decision this week. The duo the judges saved this week was Ralyn and Beau.

Next week, the Top 6 will perform with SYTYCD All-Stars. So You Think You Can Dance airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9pm ET.

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