You have something important to do, a deadline to meet, a project to complete, but you just don’t want to do it. We’ve all been there. We know that we’ll get the task completed eventually (we have to!). But for now, we sit around thinking about and maybe even vocalizing how “hard” it is.

Here’s the thing. Finding tasks like these hard is a good thing.

We spend a lot of time meshing “hard” and “tedious,” but it’s important to realize that these major time-consuming tasks that we spend hours moping about before we gather up the motivation to do them are actually tasks that push us. The “hard” part we’re complaining about? That’s us recognizing (and maybe rejecting just a bit) actual effort.

If you don’t “feel” like doing it because “it’s hard,” it might be good for you.


If something isn’t hard, you’re not working. If everything you had to do was as simple as brushing your teeth or grabbing a snack, you wouldn’t grow or develop new skills. Challenges make you grow!

Think about what happens when you actually start working on those “hard” tasks. You might drag your feet a bit, but once you actually get going, it’s all you focus on, right? That choreography might be hard, so you spend an extra ten minutes stretching to put it off. But, when you start working in front of the mirror in the studio, you spend hours trying to get it right. It’s all about time and effort!

Next time you have something “hard” to do, remember that what you’re actually getting ready to do is dedicate yourself.

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