NYC Appointment Only Auditions: April 24-26, & 29, 2019

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:

421 7th Avenue Suite 1011
ATTN: La Cage Aux Folles, Role of _________
New York, NY 10001

Equity only. Submissions received after April 15 will not be considered.


  • ALBIN – (Male, Mid 40’s-Mid 50’s, Baritone A#2-G4) The star drag performer at LaCage Aux Folles. A great comic actor and powerhouse singer with strong movement abilities to handle large musical numbers.
  • JEAN-MICHEL – (Male, Early 20’s, Baritone A#2-G4) Charming, educated, desperately in love with Anne. Fantastic singer/actor who moves well.
  • JACOB – (Male, 20’S, NON CAUCASIAN, Bb2-Eb4) “The household maid”. Brilliant comic actor who sings and moves well.
  • ANNE – (Female, 19-23, Vocal range flexible) Spunky, adorable, deeply in love with Jean-Michel. Good dancer and strong actor who sings well.
  • EDOUARD DINDON/M. RENAUD – (Male, Late 40’s- Early 50’s, Bb2-Eb4) Anne’s father. Right winged radical politician, pompous. Great comic actor who sings and moves well. Doubles as RENAUD- a St. Tropez café owner, lively, friends with Georges and Albin.
  • MARIE DINDON/MME. RENAUD – (Female, Late 40’s- Early 50’s, F4-A5). Anne’s mother. Actress with comic ability who sings and moves well, repressed, shy. Doubles as MME. RENAUD- A St. Tropez café owner, full of life, friends with Georges and Albin.
  • JACQUELINE – (Female, mid 40’s-mid 50’s, ANY ETHNICITY, B3-F5) Friend of George and Albin, owns a chic restaurant. Charming, theatrical, and fabulous.
  • FRANCIS/ETIENNE – (Male, Late 20’s – Early 30’s, ANY ETHNICITY) Stage manager at LaCage, masculine, strong comic actor/singer. Doubles as ETIENNE- a St. Tropez local who is jealous of Jean Michel.
  • THE CAGELLES – (Male, ANY ETHNICITY) 6 fabulous MALE drag performers, extremely strong DANCER/SINGERS/ACTORS. All handle dialogue. Musical theater dancers, must TAP well be comfortable dancing in heels and willing/able to do JUMPS and SPLITS. They are by name below. (MALE drag performers)
    • Bitelle: In additions to above, ACROBATIC SKILLS
    • Phaedra
    • Mercedes
    • Hanna- dominatrix/whip act
    • Chantel- should have falsetto, soprano notes
    • Angelique
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