Guys, we are so far from “unrelentlessly upset” about the latest CASETiFY “co-lab”. The impact phone case brand has a SOUR new take on their custom cases with a line designed by Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia Rodrigo x CASETiFy is a line of seven phone cases featuring nods to Olivia’s debut album Sour with an all-purple look, a grungy early 2000s vibe, and of course, Olivia herself.

“Featuring Olivia’s iconic aesthetic, this collection serves as a reminder to keep it tough. Just add Do Not Disturb. Check out the range of cases in this collection that are powered by Re/CASETiFY, created using recycled phone cases and bioplastics from plants.”

If you want to show off grunge-style butterflies or moody vibes like “DNT ANSWER” and “Broken Ego Broken Heart.” In their description of these moody designs, CASETiFY says, “Olivia Rodrigo is tired of the heartbroken girl trope. Follow her lead and turn your heartache into a daily mantra: Protect yourself, but don’t be afraid to show your colors.” (Especially if those colors are purple and black!)

All of the cases have CASETiFY’s ultra-tough design and their new ultra compostable style, so they are tough (you know for throwing your phone at the TV when you receive an annoying text) and completely biodegradable! Plus a new Hardened Hearts? Hardened phonecases? It’s all covered.

Olivia Rodrigo x CASETiFY’s “Hardened Hearts” collection comes out December 15 at 9PM PST (Midnight for our East Coast friends), but you can get priority access (two hours earlier!) by joining the waitlist.

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