It is back to school season! Schedules, school supply lists, and backpack options are probably driving you crazy and making you wish there was still time left to have some summer fun. Good news! There is! Even though school is right around the corner, there is still plenty to see and do. One of those things is getting to see the hilarity and hijinks the take place on stage at the Winter Gardens Theatre on Broadway with School of Rock. 

via: / Matthew Murphy

Back to Rock n’ Roll 

The happy medium between dance class and the classroom is clearly jamming out to your favorite songs. While you might not want to do that in the hallway at school, you can certainly watch wannabe rock star Dewey Finn and his class of unknown musicians do the same. Not to mention this will prepare you for all the hilarious drama that comes with your average school day – except you probably won’t have a stranger pretending to be a substitute teacher in your school.


via: / Matthew Murphy

Battle of the Broadway Shows

You might think that you could see any show to get you out of your end of summer blues, but where else can you find a Broadway show based on the hilarity of Jack Black paired with the classic trope of a battle of the bands? Unless you’re putting together your own rock and roll competition, you probably can’t.

Grab your air guitar, your earbuds, and your best friend and rock the school before it’s time to go back to school! School of rock is waiting, will you be there for the battle of the bands?

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