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2020 has been a busy and strange year so far. In fact, so many of the things we’ve witnessed and participated in over the last six months are major historical moments that will mark this decade forever. Some of these things are scary (like quarantine), some are exciting and fun (like new TikTok dances), but they’ve all been part of how we kicked off the 2020s. The Summer 2020 issue of Showstopper Magazine is all about decades and the historical moments and dances that have become iconic. We filled this issue with 100 years of dance! It’s a ton of fun!

This issue is a major #throwback starting with the 1920s forward. Get excited about current icon Billie Eilish and her journey from unknown artist to global icon. Take quizzes, and find out which classic dance moves you should add to your next routine. Showstopper Magazine is full of dance, design, and fun!

You also get to meet our latest “Dancers Across America” representatives and Showstopper’s National Finals and Crystal Award winners! These talented dancers share their passion and their stories with us.

Getting a copy of this sparkle-filled magazine is easy! Showstopper Magazine‘s 2020 Decades of Dance issue will be available soon for purchase here. You can also get a digital copy via Issuu (early July), or find the magazine at any Showstopper dance competition!

Have your copy? Tag us (@goshowstopper) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to show us your favorite page!

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