We came across Remi at our Showstopper Concord Regionals and knew we had to shout her out. This girl is literally just as cool as her name. She’s a dancer, model and has some really good tips on how to slay your way through an audition. Here are the deets on our girl Remi!

Name: Remi F.

Birthday: June 2

Studio: Floyd Ward School of Dance

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Emoji: ?

Favorite Dancer: Bostyn Brown

Favorite Genre of Dance: Contemporary 


What’s your favorite thing about Showstopper

“I love getting to meet all of the people.”

What unique thing do you keep in your dance bag?

“Head shots.”

What is the most important lesson dancing has taught you?

“To be respectful and have fun.”

Tell us a story about something awesome you’ve done.

“I’ve auditioned for SYTYCD next generation and for Abby Lee’s show Dance Moms” 


Remi is #814

What is your most memorable audition?

“I have had a lot of great auditions but my most memorable one would have to be when I auditioned for “Dance Moms” in NY. It was the first big audition I’d ever done, and I was only 8 years old! I was so excited and it was an amazing experience all the way around. I was thrilled to be one of the last kids standing at the end, and to be apart of Abby Lee Millers top 15 New York City finalist.”

Give us some advice on how to slay an audition?

” Be confident.  It is so important to go into an audition knowing that you are just as good as the person to the right and left of you.  Never worry about what people will think, and don’t be afraid to step out of the box.  Being different is a GREAT thing.”


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