It’s not Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in some spooky productions. Greensboro’s Triad Stage is looking for actors to perform in their production of Dracula.


Saturday, July 20, 2019
11:00 am – 7:00 pm (EDT)


Triad Stage
232 S Elm St
Greensboro, NC 27401
Auditions will take place in Sloan Rehearsal Hall, located on the 3rd floor


  • Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue appropriate to the play.
  • Bring a picture and resume.


  • Dr. Van Helsing/Dracula (in Transylvania) — (Male, Late 40s – early 60s) An intelligent and powerful thinker. His passion to eradicate Dracula has made him into an almost-zealot. He is kind and avuncular with his patients, but fierce and powerful in the face of his enemy. Quixotic, capricious, a little vain, and quite charming, this Dracula exhibits courtly politeness to Jonathan Harker until Harker disobeyed. Dracula is intelligent, cruel, and powerful. In opposition to his younger self, this Dracula longs for change and a new home; he is yearning for something real and true. Must be comfortable with fight choreography. Various dialects. Has a solo song.
  • Lucy Westenra/Mina Harker/Innkeeper/Vampire — (Female, early 20s – late 20s) Lucy Westenra, the ailing fiance of Dr. Seward, struggles between her love of Seward and her passion for Dracula. As a human, she is gentle, modest, loyal and sincere. But as a vampire, she is passionate, vicious, and bold. A grieving widow, Mina Harker has a rational approach to life and mystery. She deeply loves her friends and husband and responds with strength and determination when faced with adversity. She is horrified by the idea of becoming a vampire and will do anything to avoid that fate. Must be comfortable with fight choreography and RP dialect. Has a solo song.
  • Jonathan Harker/Dracula (in London) — (Male, late 20s – early 30s) Intelligent, reserved, polite and business-like, Harker is a rational, logical man, sneering at his own doubts that the supernatural exists. When imprisoned, the social veneer is stripped away to expose a man desperate for life and love, but clinging to science and procedure to keep his sanity. Many of Harker’s scenes are told through his letters and diary entries, and he should see Mina in his mind’s eye with a yearning passion. The young Dracula is powerful, charismatic, sensual and filled with an arrogance that makes him seem a god. He viciously punishes those who betray him and gets a sense of vitality from violence or cruelty. Must be comfortable with fight choreography and RP dialect. Has a solo song.
  • Dr. Seward/Passenger/Vampire — (Male, late 20s-early 30s) Dr. Seward believes strongly in rationality and modern medicine, a man of his age. He is book smart, rather than creative, but has a deep love for Lucy, perhaps even because she has the creative spark he lacks. When faced by her death, he questions the tenets he has always believed and becomes a ravaged and violent man. The Passenger travels with Harker to the Count’s castle and clearly understands the danger that Harker will encounter there. Must be comfortable with group singing and fight choreography.
  • Renfield/Coachman/Child’s Father/Ship’s Captain — (Male, 30s – 40s) Renfield is almost always agitated, anxious and starving both physically and spiritually, feeding voraciously on insects and small animals and the promises of his master. He is a devout servant to Dracula and obsessed with the everlasting life he has been promised. He has wide mood swings between reason and madness, but his outer voraciousness conceals a softer heart when it comes to women, loving and idealizing the feminine which he has never been able to attain. Must be comfortable with fight choreography and RP dialect. Has a solo song.
  • A Child – (Female, 8-12 years old) This precocious child has seen terrible things, which has made her grounded and strong. Intelligent and determined, the child does not fear adults and is capable of holding her ground in uncomfortable situations. Also plays a child that Dracula gives to his vampire servants. Must be comfortable singing solo and with potentially frightening situations.
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