With February more than halfway over, you’re probably starting to get a little bit of spring fever. No, we’re not talking about your allergies acting up. We mean spring wardrobe fever. You know the feeling — spring is right around the corner and you just want to go through all of your clothes to make room for new spring looks. Your impulse might be to completely overall your closet but trust us, there’s a better way to do this.

Lay It All Out

Let’s start by taking a good look at everything you own. Now, this might sound like the first step to KonMari-ing your clothes (and it can be!), but we’re not focusing on joy quite yet. Look for clothes that are worn out, clothes with loose threads and holes (and not in a fashionable way!) and thinning fabrics. Put these clothes and clothes that you haven’t worn in more than a year in a pile to get rid of.

Look Again

Now, your collection of clothes probably looks a bit different and, at the very least, smaller. Look for your bold patterns, your bold colors, and anything that stands out as a true representation of your style. These are your “icon” pieces. They represent you just by existing — they are also the perfect base for tons of great outfits.

Building Icon Outfits

Once you know who your icons are, it’s time to put them to work! Of course, some of these clothes will work together, (Your checkered skirt and that red top?? Fabulous!) but they’ll get the most done supporting some of your more staple pieces. Look at how you can layer and mix and match your icons with everything else in your closet. Set aside anything that doesn’t really work with any of your icons. These are usually the clothes that sit outside your style and that make you want to revamp your closet in the first place.


Now that you have your closet situated (you can do the same process with shoes!), you’re free to stop, or you’re probably ready to start adding new pieces. Before you hit the stores, find a friend with a similar style and do some wardrobe swapping. You never know what you might find in their closet.


If you’re still looking for some essentials for spring or just one more item to make your wardrobe perfect, head to the stores! You’ll probably find your most unique items in thrift stores, but sometimes fresh new clothes really are the best part of spring cleaning.

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