After almost two months of guessing since Taylor Swift dropped the lead single for her seventh studio album, “ME!”, the “You need to Calm Down” singer has finally given us all the juicy details about TS7.

During an Instagram live stream yesterday, Taylor confirmed that the tile of the album which she hid in the “Me!” music video and not-so-subtly hinted at again during an interview with The Independent, is Lover!

The title wasn’t the only thing Taylor wanted to talk about while she was live, though. She didn’t mention any more singles that might be released before the full album is out, but we do know that Lover will have 18 tracks. She also revealed that the album will release on August 23. Why? 8 (August) + 23 = 13, of course.

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While we’re all still trying to catch our breath after the release of TS7 single #2, You Need to Calm Down”, we also have to get excited about Taylor’s new Lover merch, and the fact that there will be not one, not two, but FOUR deluxe editions of the album exclusively at Target. Time to start collecting all of that gorgeous pastel merchandise, Swifties.

Lover is available for pre-add, pre-save, and pre-order on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and everywhere else you get your music.

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