In their second “Movies in Motion” video with Vanity Fair, choreographers Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant break down the high-energy and high-knees behind the iconic chimney sweep routine, “Step in Time!”, from Mary Poppins. (Last time they analyzed the dance scene from Pulp Fiction.)

To tackle the 1964 choreography created by Dee Dee Wood and Mark Breaux for Mary Poppins, this incredible couple had to pull out all of their dance knowledge and prepare to leap, turn, and bring everything up to another level–literally. One of the key features of “Step in Time!” is the exaggerated movement that helps carry about that playful high-energy we all love so much.

While you might be shocked by some of those chimney brush leaps and even double tours (don’t worry, no one has to Mary’s incredible “infinite” tour), Lauren and Chris seem to have it down by the end (even if they are a little out of breath).

Check it out!