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The final auditions of Season 18 of So You Think You Can Dance aired this week. In the first two episodes, the Maks, Comfort, and Allison put 25 dancers through to the choreography round. The final dancers had to prove they had what it takes not only to impress the judges and entertain the viewers but to make it in the professional dance world.

“It’s an absolute yes for me.”


This audition was a viiibbbeeee, Mariyah! 🫶 #SYTYCD TUNE IN NOW → @FOXTV!

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Every spot in the next round is filled! These are the final dancers rounding out the 35 contestants who made it to the choreography callback.

Ali Deucher came to her SYTYCD audition fresh off Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency. After sharing her dance journey with the judges, Ali performed her audition solo “Ashes.” Allison complimented her tricks and personal connection, and Comfort loved Ali’s ability to draw them in. “You’re exactly what choreographers are looking for,” Maks said. Is it any wonder she had a unanimous yes?

Like so many dancers, Jaylin Sanders started dancing when he was little. Watching SYTYCD and icons like tWitch, he dreamed of being a professional dancer. Comfort and Maks praised his foundation, but they both saw spaces where he was leaving gaps in the choreography. With three yeses, he’ll get a chance to take those critiques to heart in the choreography round.

Happy birthday, Mariyah Hawkins! Even though she turned 21 the day before her audition, Mariyah shared, “I’m bringing 13-year-old Mariyah with me today.” At 13, she auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation in 2016 but didn’t make it beyond the producer’s round. Maks, Allison, and Comfort debated Mariyah’s personality versus performance presence. Despite that, it was a yes from all three judges.


Anthony… no notes 😍 Tune in to #SYTYCD now on @FOXTV for more auditions ✨

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Anthony Curley entered the audition room to share his love of dance and his skills. “I’m still goosebumping,” Maks said after his contemporary performance, and Comfort called his solo “captivating.” The judges unanimously decided they want to see more from Anthony in the next round.

Lihi Catriel wanted to crank up the auditions with her jazz funk moves. Maks wanted to know if she could dance beyond her solo. Comfort and Allison enjoyed her performance (and that she was clearly enjoying it), but they didn’t seem sure. Despite the their hesitation—Allison said it wasn’t an easy yes— three yeses sent Lihi forward.

Sharing his experience growing up in Chicago, Julian Carmolinga told the judges how much dance means to him and how he uses it to give back to his community. His solo was captivating, but it wasn’t the hip hop routine the judges were expecting. The judges seemed unsure, but the emotions he was able to share through dance led him to three yeses.

Dariel, AKA Juicy Love Dion, is one of the few drag performers we’ve seen on SYTYCD. She didn’t bring a simple lip-sync performance to the audition room, though. Pairing tricks with jazz moves, earned compliments for fun, personality, and skills from all three judges. With three yeses from Comfort herself (and two from Maks and Allison), we’ll be seeing more of Juicy Love and Dariel this season.


Whoomp! There It Is. What did you guys think of Victor’s audition?? #SYTYCD

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This season of So You Think You Can Dance is full of dance and dancers we’ve never seen before. A dancer for 23 years, Victor Ramos is currently doing The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil. At 30 years old, Season 18 is Victor’s last chance at SYTYCD. Ahead of his audition, he was practicing roller dance, but he brought a hip hop and breaking solo in front of the judges. He received three yeses, a dream come true!

“It’s a no today.”

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We didn’t get to see many nos in the final round of auditions, but we still want you to meet this dancer.

Cipher Goings has been dancing for 15 years, learning from and later teaching at a community dance center. Cipher is the first tap dancer we’ve seen this season. Allison liked his musicality but not his movement. Maks and Comfort wanted to see him sinking more into the music to be fluid rather than loud. It was a no from Maks and a yes from Comfort. Left to break the tie, Allison said no, sending Cipher home.

Next week, SYTYCD will return at 9pm ET on FOX for the choreography round.

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