Arianna Hutch is a 13-year-old dancer from Cheney, Washington. She dances at Professional Ballet Studio and Julie’s Competitive Edge Dance Academy.

“I’ve learned how to be more confident from dance…to just be yourself when your dancing.”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

“Dance has let me express all of my emotions and feelings without words. Whether I’m happy, sad, excited, nervous, etc., dance is something that makes my day amazing. I’ve learned how to be more confident from dance, and I’ve learned to just be yourself when your dancing. Don’t dance for others. Dance for yourself. You will get more from a class that you dance your heart out in, rather than worrying about comparing yourself to other people.

How do you want to use dance to make a positive influence on your community?

“Dance is a healthy thing to do and it keeps you occupied. It also brings most people joy! Dance also makes life long friends that will always be by your side. Dance can teach people confidence, perseverance, teamwork, a good work ethic, and much more. Dance also becomes a big passion in a lot of people’s lives.


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