Summer hair is full of highlights, bright, light colors, and even pastels if you want to go off the spectrum of natural hair colors. So, when the days get longer and the weather is perfect for picnics and beach days, people tend to turn to blondes, reds, and light browns. Colorist and creator of the colormelt dying technique Chad Kenyon brought all of these markers of summer style together a few months ago to create a sweet signature summer look of his own creation–peach cobbler hair.

With his expert colormelt blending technique, Kenyon went to work on a repeat client named Sydney who loves coppery and gold tones for her looks. “…I first painted vanilla bean ice-creamy blonde dimension throughout her hair by balayaging and strobing,” Kenyon said in an interview with Allure. “I then painted a soft shadow-root, lowlights, and a global-gloss (all over) with varying nutmeg-infused peach tones.”

Something sweet was exactly what he envisioned with the “hyper-natural aesthetic and a seamless ‘grow-out’ without lines of demarcation” he had created. And of course, in the months since its creation, the peach cobbler look has attracted other colorists and hair enthusiasts with a sweet tooth for new trends. We wouldn’t be surprised to find it out and about or even on the red carpet in the near future.

Whether you’re shooting for blonde, lighter brunette tones, or even the coppers Kenyon showcased in his original creation, your summer is sure to be sweet if you make sure to pay attention to the ways the warm tones from deep colors reminiscent of cobbler crust to the bright highlights of a peach.

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