Reflecting on the work that goes into preparing for major accomplishments from the Olympic Games to Showstopper’s national Finals events, the Summer 2024 issue of Showstopper Magazine considers what makes a champion. From attitude to ability to work ethic to determination. “The Champion Issue” is a look at the qualities that allow us all to achieve great things in a variety of areas.

Get advice from top talent in dance, gymnastics, music, and more! We are tracking award show all-stars, Olympic champions, mental health warriors, and record breakers. “The Champion Issue” follows Simone Biles journey to understanding the role mental health plays in being a world-class athlete, and we build a champion routine with the help of superstars like Taylor Swift and Serena Williams. 

Being a champion doesn’t always mean having the eyes of the world on you. The small details that go into every victory from personal to competitive are essential to our understanding of what it means to lead your life, your team, or your community to unforgettable moments of triumph. 

This issue’s Dancers Across America are championing a love of dance from coast to coast. Get their perspective on dance’s impact, or explore the competition that allows so many like them to shine. We’re taking you through all the details of Showstopper’s Finals. 

We want to inspire you if you’ve never considered yourself a champion or pushed yourself to new limits. Find your champion quality and use it to achieve your goals and realize new ambitions!

This issue is available for purchase in bookstores in the United States and Canada and here. You can also find the magazine at any Showstopper event!

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