John Wooden once said, “Make each day your masterpiece.” This timeless advice serves as the foundation for our “Champion” issue, where we explore how the small, daily efforts to perfect our craft and navigate challenges build a life of true greatness. Becoming a champion isn’t just about the victories; it’s about the journey, the setbacks, and the resilience to keep going.

In this issue, we feature stories of remarkable champions who have mastered the art of making each day count. Our cover story highlights the extraordinary Simone Bile, who redefined success ahead of the Olympics by knowing when to push forward and when to take a necessary break. We delve into the world of breaking, now recognized as an Olympic sport, which is a groundbreaking inclusion that shifts how dance is perceived and respected in the realm of athletics. In “A Day in the Life of a Champion,” we explore the routines and practices that help top pre-tour workouts to moments of mindfulness, these glimpses into their daily lives reveal the often unseen dedication required to sustain greatness.

Throughout this issue, you’ll find that the path to becoming a champion looks different for everyone. It involves navigating losses, embracing lessons, and continually striving to improve. 

This issue isn’t just about showcasing champions; it’s about empowering you to become one—to inspire you to see each day as an opportunity. Whether you’re overcoming challenges or reaching for new heights, remember that every effort contributes to your personal masterpiece. 

Holly Childs

When it comes to creating a magazine like out “Champion” issue, we always start with a definition. What does it mean to be a champion? Whether you’re the voice behind a cause or the best at what you do, being a champion becomes more and more complicated when you look at what it takes.

In the pages of this magazine, you’ll find champions who find happiness in their skincare routines and the people who tell them it’s okay to fail. A champion is to just the strongest person in the world or the one with a killer workout routine. There are more ways to be strong than you might think. 

For me, this issue is about highlighting that and about reminding us all that seeing a “champion” isn’t just about seeing an idol. We should look at what these people have accomplished as feats of strength, sure, but they are also feats of intelligence, determination, emotional resilience, and incredible teamwork.

As you read the stories in this issue, think about what kind of champion you are or want to be, even if it’s “champion of making my friends laugh” or “champion of crossing everything off my to-do list.”

Veronica Good
Managing Editor, Showstopper Magazine Online

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