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In her recent trip to the Dior spring/summer haute couture show in Paris, Willow Smith proved yet again that she is a total style icon. As she has grown from the adorable daughter of a beloved actor into a major celebrity personality, Willow has worn everything from bangs to dreads, black to red. Her style evolves constantly, and it would be hard to believe that there is anything the singer can’t pull off.

At the fashion show, Willow arrived wearing a shear skirt with a gorgeous vest top that made her look as though she had walked fresh off the cover of a magazine, but what really drew people’s attention was the statement she made with her eyeliner. The look was created by makeup artist Carole Colombani who used Dior’s own Diorshow Khôl in White Khôl eyeliner to create a winged look on Willow’s lower lids.


That’s right, lower lids. To achieve this look, Colombani followed the inner and outer corners of Willow’s lash line outward to create startling and gorgeous wings that were complimented by light use of black mascara on her upper lashes. Mascara aside, it is clear that the eyeliner is all anyone could focus on. Could you blame them? The look is bold and a clear fashion statement.

If you’re looking for a makeup look that is simple but driven by an effort to be strikingly unique, you might want to take notes on this look. Willow rocked it in white, but we’re sure it will look just as fashionable and runway worthy in black and other more colorful shades.