Since the release of Fine Line, Harry Styles has been leaning even more into the freedom that comes with having a solo career and creating unexpected and beautiful music videos. For, “Falling,” the latest of the album’s songs to achieve single status and get a music video, this means an emotional underwater scene.

Continuing to show off his talent for unique and eye-catching fashion (we’re still in love with the pink suit), Harry wears a lilac chiffon gown top from Gucci’s Spring Summer 2020 collection over brown high-waisted pants while he sings and plays the piano. If the ruffles weren’t enough to give us dreamy dance vibes, the light fabric floats perfectly underwater as the room he’s in begins to flood.

“It’d be kind of nice to do a dry one one day,” Harry said in an interview with RADIO.COM about how often his music videos feature massive amounts of water and wet clothes. The song is a soft and sad breakup song, and the video is just as quiet and moody. So, if you’re drowning in your feelings listening to “Falling,” don’t worry. Harry was too–literally.

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