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A new game show is premiering on Nickelodeon tonight, and if you’re familiar with the colorful, slimy antics the network usually gets up to, then the premise for this competition will come as no surprise. The brainchild of Nickelodeon and living meme John Cena, this show is exactly the kind of thing we want to see while we wait for all of the year’s slimiest events like last night’s Kid’s Choice Awards.
The game show Keep it Spotless has a pretty simple premise. Teams of spunky kids will be working to complete paint-filled challenges on a completely white set full of obstacles. The goal? Spill as little paint as possible. You might think this would be easy, but paint is coming from pretty much every direction in buckets, squirt guns, and more. When the episode is over, the team with the least paint splatter will leave the set to claim $10,000 (and a shower).
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With paint flying everywhere, how do the showrunners determine a winner? After each challenge, the teams are put in a 360-degree scanner that measures the percentage of each contestant’s uniform that is covered in paint. A team’s percentages are then averaged to find the score for the round. At the end of the episode, the most spotless team is sent to The Gauntlet where a final series of messy challenges will determine whether or not they take home the big prize.
The fourth episode of the show’s first season has been available on the Nick App and on Nickelodeon’s website for a while now, but, if you missed out or if you wanted to start with the pilot, then tonight is the night to watch a mess unfold in your living room (that you luckily won’t have to clean up)!
This messy show will premiere on Nickelodeon tonight at 7:30PM!
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