For a lot of us, winter means cold temperatures, heavy coats, and maybe even snow! BUT it doesn’t have to mean giving up all of your favorite warmer weather clothes in order to stay warm. With a little bit of fashion expertise and clever layering, you can bring almost any item of clothing out in the winter. Trust us. Your winter wardrobe is about to get a lot bigger.

Layer Light Tops with Turtle Necks

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Have a crewneck that is just a bit too thin for the cold weather? Missing your favorite tank top from the summer? Layer items like these with a fit turtleneck shirt. You’ll be adding an extra layer of fabric to keep you warm, jazzing up a piece that you maybe haven’t worn in a while, and adding some interest to your neckline!

Tights and Sweaters are a Sun Dress’ Best Friend

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If you’re thinking it’s too cold for your favorite sundress, think again! You can pull the turtleneck trick with your sundresses, too. Or, you can wear chunky sweaters over them and layer them with tights for a chic winter look.

Add a Cardigan

When all else fails, add a cardigan! A winter-ready cardigan can warm up even your chilliest summer or spring outfit, and it’s easy to layer with some of your bigger coats. Plus, they go with everything. Basically, if nothing else, you’re going to want to add a couple cardigans to your closet this season.

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