Productivity is key when you lead a busy life, and having bad habits dragging you down has never helped anybody. There isn’t a productivity switch or a way to delete bad habits, but there are ways to work through them. It just takes time and a bit of initiative to get started.

Be Consistent

Whether you are working on a new habit or cracking down on a bad one, the most important thing is to to keep at it. Being consistent is the best way to get anything done. There aren’t any days off when it comes to forming bad habits. If you want to do something, make a conscious decision to do that thing everyday. Eventually, with enough time, that decision will become unconscious, and you will have formed a new habit!

Set Realistic Goals

It takes effort and willpower to make or break a habit, so it is important to set goals for yourself@ But if you slip up on day three of working to stop biting your fingernails, that does not mean that you can’t break the habit. Messing up once in a while is all part of the process. As you work at it, you will notice that the times when you do the thing you wanted will begin to outnumber the mistakes.

Be Patient

It’s a myth that it only takes twenty-one days to form a habit. The time it takes to form a habit depends on the habit you are trying to form, your environment and yourself. Be patient and remember that every time you practice your new habit, you are taking a step in the right direction!

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