The first official day of summer is a little less than a month away, but warm weather and the last weeks of the school year are already here. So, while you’re getting ready to feel the sun on your skin and figuring out what to do with all of your free time, why not start getting your bedroom ready for the summer season?

Light and Bright

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re most likely experiencing longer, brighter days. Capture that and use it to make your bedroom an exciting and happy place. Put light-colored sheets and blankets on your bed to make your room feel open and airy. Add mirrors to make the room feel bigger and to reflect the light coming in from outside to make it even brighter.

Make it Green

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Whether you want to bring in real plants or decorate here and there with a few fake ones (We get it. Not everyone has a green thumb!), bring green elements into your room. The color green is a happiness booster, and if you’re bringing in real plants, they’ll purify the air in your space.

Add Sparkle and Shine

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Like the sun outside, you want your room to shine! Add things like holographic decals and sparkly accent and decor items to bring your inner sparkle out into your room. Like mirrors, they will make the room bright. Besides, we all know that every happy place has glitter.

Keep Your Summer Gear Ready

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Whether you’re planning to spend every day at the beach or if you’re going to spend your summer volunteering at your local animal shelter, keep your summer essentials where you can reach them. Whether your beach bag is always ready or your favorite sneakers are set out and ready for a run, make sure the things you need for your summer adventures have a special place where you can always reach them.

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