The clock is ticking and your to-do lists are piling up. You need to get things done, but let’s face it, time management is a task in itself. But, no, you don’t have to be a superhero or a professional planner to conquer your to-do list. Here are some tips to help you show the clock who’s the boss:

  1. Important things first – Consider your priorities. Which tasks take the longest? Which tasks need to be completed first? Just because one item on your to-do list may be easier than another, that doesn’t mean that you should pout of larger, more important tasks in favor of it. Getting things done isn’t always the same thing as being productive.
  2. Close Those Unnecessary Tabs – Social media is a distraction. There’s no denying it, and leaving those time-wasting tabs open where they can continue to distract you is going to walk over your productivity while they blink with notifications about your best friend’s new dog and the latest fashion trends. Close them so you can get some work done!
  3. Learn to Say “No” – We all want to be the “yes man,” and take on every task that is handed to us, but we are not machines. Learn to know when you’ve reached your limit and be able to say “No.” You can’t conquer your to-do list if it conquers you, and trying to schedule time to a complete a large number of tasks can set you back.
  4. Don’t Procrastinate – Procrastination is any time manager’s worst enemy. Doing things at the last minute can sometimes give you that “oh my gosh I need to get this done, like yesterday” boost (there’s nothing like a little bit of panic to get you going), but it can also reflect in the quality of your work. It is always better to get things done ahead of time.
  5. Organize – Sometimes a lack of time management comes down to simply forgetting things that need to be done. Put together a planner, calendar or schedule to help keep track of tasks beyond your to-do lists and that section of your brain labeled “Things I Might Do at Some Point Soon.”
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