Butterflies are a perfect example of creatures who float through life calmly and with purpose. And despite being delicate, butterflies are adaptable representations of life, hope, and endurance. Try living your life like a butterfly with these pieces of advice.

1. Take Yourself Lightly 

Don’t be hard on yourself. Ever! Regardless of the situation, your best will always be enough even if things don’t turn out the way you planned. Just put your best foot forward and dance on.

2. Look for the Sweetness in Life

Like nectar in a flower, the sweet parts of life aren’t always the easiest to reach. However, if you put forth the effort, you’re sure to find them. Savor sweet moments while they’re here. Search for new ones after they have passed.

3. Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Relax. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy life. You have a lot to do, but your to-do list is not your life. Don’t let it control you.

4. Catch a Breeze

If you find a path to a good time, take it. Whether you are at home with friends or off to somewhere far away for a dance competition, remember that fun things and happiness are important in life. 

5. Get Out of Your Cocoon

Always be improving! Find what you love and do it every day. Dance like today is the last day you will ever dance again and do it all over again tomorrow.

6. Treat Yourself like a Monarch

You are a Showstopper! Embrace how amazing you are. From the way you twirl to the way you laugh, everything about you is spectacular. 

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