1. Wear a Crown

You’re the best! Don’t be afraid to wear your best qualities where people can see them. No matter what you’re doing, shine brightly, but don’t be afraid to encourage others to do the same. 

2. Be Sweet on the Inside

No matter what life throws at you, don’t forget to smile and spread good feelings. Kindness is like confetti! It’s easy to spread around. Go out and throw some!

3. Have Thick Skin

Pineapples are sweet, unique, and cool, but they’re a little prickly on the outside. Having thick skin allows you to take criticisms and use them to improve. Listen to the things people say, don’t let them hurt you, and use them to become the best you can be. Always remember that real advice does not attempt to tear you down, but rather to build you higher. 

4. Treat Every Day Like a Vacation

You never know what’s going to happen! Approach every day as a new adventure. Don’t be afraid to try something new or do something different. 

5. Don’t Let Labels Define You

A pineapple is neither pine nor an apple, but everyone recognizes it for what it is: sweet, fun, and interesting. Don’t think that you have to be anything but yourself because the only thing that defines you is you.

6. Stay Cool

Don’t forget to relax. It might seem like there’s always more work right around the corner, but where there’s a wave to surf, there’s a bit of warmth to bask in.