1. Stay Cool

Take deep breaths. No matter the situation, the outcome will always be better if you take the time to think clearly and respond thoughtfully.

2. Take Time to Hangout

You can’t work all of the time! Don’t forget to take a break from your busy schedule to have some “you” time. Whether you love to play video games, read, or just binge your favorite tv show, take a little time to just relax.

3. Always be on Point

Precision is key no matter what you are doing. Use your words carefully. And, of course, point your toes!

4. There’s Snow Reason to be Bored

Whenever you start to feel bored, think about all of the things you love to do and how you could turn those things into something productive or entertaining. If you love to dance, why not spend some time doing a freestyle routine? 

5. Be Crystal Clear

Sometimes transparency can be the best thing. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions and tell people what you think.

6. Avoid Meltdowns

If you feel like things are going downhill, stop and reassess the situation. You should always try to find the problem before things become too difficult to manage. It might not be easy, but it is better than feeling hopeless.