Even if you weren’t hanging out with Barbie in the 1990s, you’ve probably seen a lot of the iconic staples of Barbie’s fourth decade of fashion, dream houses, and the color pink. Now, a lot of these things are coming back two decades later in the form of a special collab with Mattel, Barbie’s creators, and NCLA Beauty. The two teamed up to create a Barbie-themed collection of makeup and nail polishes that will remind you of the 90s and let you wear them too!

Featuring the classic Barbie silhouette icon, the collection features four nail polishes and four lipsticks in pinks and purples you’re going to want to add to your collection. With lipstick names like Barbie Dream, Barbie Convertible, Ballerina Barbie, and Barbie Beach Cruiser, you’ll notice that the colors are reminiscent of some of Barbie’s best-known looks and accessories.

The nail polishes are no different. Coming in pinks and even a lilac, Barbie Party, Barbie Dreamhouse, Pastel Dreams, and Barbie Pink are all you need to have your nails ready for any party in Barbie’s dream house. But, if nail polish isn’t your style, NCLA Beauty didn’t stop there. They also created a Bubblegum Pop cuticle oil and a series of nail wraps with Barbie’s logo and silhouette prints for easy Instagram-ready looks.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get our Barbie fashion fix forever. This dream collaboration is only available for a limited time! Obviously, it’s time to stock up for all of your upcoming Barbie-inspired outfits before it’s too late.



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