Accountability is similar to responsibility. If you are accountable, you can be relied on to get things done when they need to be done. But, they aren’t exactly the same! Responsibility focuses more on the task while accountability focuses on yourself and how you execute that task. If you have to go to dance class every day, and you fulfill that task, that is responsibility. If you have to go to dance class every day, and you put forth effort to understand what you can accomplish and how your participation in each class affects you and even your teammates as well as just making it to class, you are being accountable.

Being accountable for your actions and your tasks can shake up how you live your life if you do it the right way. By taking time to explore your actions and their effects instead of just doing them, you gain a better understanding for how to accomplish things. Making you more efficient, strategic, and prepared are just some of the effects of being more accountable.

Strengthen Your Routines

Look at your current routine. How well do you stick to it? How lenient are you with the things you need to get done? Now, look at each individual item in your routine as they interact with each other. How does letting one slip impact another?

Routines are designed to make us function more comfortably in our everyday schedules, so you want to be accountable for how well you perform your routine. Being accountable for your system whether it is how you get ready in the morning or how you pack your dance bag, is important. Accountability will help you focus and tighten up loose routines.

Manage Your Time

Are you accountable for your time? You have an obligation to yourself and those around you to put your best foot forward every day. Time management, and holding yourself responsible for how you go about it is important. When you step out of the house each day, are you using your time wisely?

This doesn’t mean you should be running at 100% all day! What it does mean is that you should understand the ways in which your time management, like your routine, effects how successfully you live your life.


The best part about mastering accountability is that you end up with more time to relax. Setting schedules and focusing on time management sounds like a lot of work. Really, though, holding yourself accountable for your actions will make you much more efficient, and before you know it, you’ll find that you have more time than ever to do the things you love! A little bit of focus goes a long way. Now, focus on pampering yourself!

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