This week on Showstopper’s Glitter Drop, we feature dancer and choreographer Arthur Mitchell, Marley Dias’ awesome new book and her journey to Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and we recap our 2017 Convention Season! Plus, you can find all of the glamorous highlights from our first competition weekend (do you see yourself?)!

Arthur Mitchell’s Life On Display at Columbia University

Arthur Mitchell is now a world-renowned choreographer, but before he had his chance on Broadway, he had to work hard for a chance to turn ballet into a career. While working numerous jobs from shoe-shining to delivering newspapers to support his family, Mitchell was also practicing ballet. In high school, his path to success truly began when he was accepted into the high school of the performing arts where he could practice ballet and hone skills that would lead him to become the highly acclaimed performer and artist that he is today. Now, if you have ever wanted an in-depth look at Arthur Mitchell’s life and career, Columbia University has the archive on display in a current exhibition running from January 13 – March 11, 2018. The exhibition features pictures, sketches, costumes, posters, and other memorabilia from Mitchell’s career as well as video of his work and performances.(Read the full story here!)

Marley Dias Finds Her Place on Forbes 30 Under 30 List

If someone asked you what you thought an average 13-year-old got up to on any given day, you probably wouldn’t think to mention Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Most 13-year-olds probably aren’t thinking about doing things that will put them on this list either, but Marley Dias a philanthropist and positivity icon is doing just that. Marley realized that girls like her were rarely represented in the books she read and she wanted to make a change. This started her #1000BlackGirlBooks movement. Marley still isn’t done, though! She also gives incredible talks about striving to be your best and continuing to work toward goals that improve your definition of your best and how doing your best can help your community. (Read the full story here!)