Whether you are going out or just going to school, Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to look a little more fabulous than usual. The hardest part is figuring out what you want to wear!

1. Combine Casual and Fab with a Skater Dress

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You can dress to impress and still feel ready for anything! The outfit options for skater dresses are endless. Pair your dress with heels or sneakers, flats or sandals. Basically, this is your anywhere Valentine’s Day dream.

Find this trumpet sleeve skater dress at Forever 21 for $12.90.

2. Or Opt for Something in a Different Color Palette

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Valentine’s Day’s usual color palette is all reds and pinks. Why not change it up with yellow or even blue? You can look fabulous in whatever your favorite color happens to be and still enjoy all of the hearts and chocolate.

Find this polka dot top at Forever 21 for $10.90.

3. Pick Out Your Favorite Pattern

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Your mind might immediately jump to hearts when we say pattern for a Valentine’s Day outfit, but don’t leave out polka dots, stripes, or anything else that might give your outfit a little bit more texture!

Find this polka dot cutout dress at Forever 21 for $15.90.

4. Compliment Your Ensemble with a Denim Jacket

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Depending on where you live, February is probably still pretty chilly (especially since a certain groundhog saw his shadow), so add layers! A denim or leather jacket can add a dose of fierce to any outfit.

Find this longline denim jacket at Forever 21 for $24.

5. Or Soften Up the Look with Velvet

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Velvet is a fashion favorite right now no matter what the occasion is. Try adding it to your outfit with a choker or a velvet bag.

Find this velvet choker at Forever 21 for $2.

6. And Make a Statement with Earrings

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If long earrings aren’t your thing, you could always wear large gemstones or something sparkly. Just make sure your earrings add to your outfit and don’t steal the show!

Find these faux pearl earrings at Forever 21 for $4.90.

7. Don’t Leave Your Fingers Out!

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Whether you wear one or ten, rings are a great addition to any look. Try adding rings that represent your personality and coordinate with the rest of your accessories and your outfit as a whole. It’s also a good idea to mix and match styles of rings (plain bands and rings that have stones or other embellishments).

Find this set of rings at Forever 21 for $6.90.

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